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"Teaching & Instructions"

We are passionate about doing it right the first time.  Pond Trade Magazine continues to publish our series on filtration, construction techniques and water quality management.  (provide link to Pond Trade Magazine.)  See "Resources" for articles published in Koi USA, Koi Nations and other trade publications.  We are also available for on site teaching.

"Upgrades and Retrofits"

It’s always better to start with a successfully designed project but, when an existing living water system struggles or fails we specialize in retrofitting and upgrading the filtration system.   We conduct extensive pond assessments and evaluations onsite or from photos and drawings you provide.  


If you are a professional and have an idea for a new pond product we can help.  The Helix Skimmer, exclusively distributed by “The Pond Digger” is an example of a product designed by Living Water Systems.

"Building it Yourself"

We don’t do cookie cutter filtration and neither should you.  To insure your project operates efficiently without constant maintenance we guide you through the process of choosing the right design, materials and equipment. Providing detailed instructions with all of our equipment and the resources you need to insure your success for many years to come.  

"Contractors and Architects"

We assist you in the choosing the proper system to  insure your project meets the atheistic and functional demands  no matter how large or small.

A pond is not a swimming pool.  There are no codes and specs available for building ponds or live water features.  Plumbing, filtration, circulation and dissolved oxygen content set a living water feature apart. These essential requirements are outside the realm of swimming pool codes.

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