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Avoid the 80% failure rate of ponds within the first year by installing all the components necessary to insure a properly built and well managed system.

The company has expanded from pond construction to manufacturing and working with architects, contractors and owners to insure the proper installation and design of a successful system. Passionate about teaching he has published over 40 articles in professional publications.   He traveled to Dubai as the Pond Construction Expert for the INPC representing some of the best koi breeders in Japan. Kent was the first to create the VPR or Vertical Pond Return Drain which allows the creation of a still surface pond experience, but maintains a high turnover rate. Return fittings specifically designed for Polyurea were first developed in 2006.  His unique Air-lift System will lower the cost of owning and operating a pond, decrease maintenance time and costs.  Two types of pre-filters and several aerated bio-filters have also been introduced. He designed the Helix Skimmer exclusively distributed by The Pond Digger. There are always new products and improvements on the horizon.

Filtration Dynamics Include

Pre-Filtration, Bio-Filtration, Circulation

Kent Wallace is uniquely qualified to assist in specifying the correct filtration system and equipment for projects of all sizes.

His first pond project won "Best Courtyard" in "Better Homes & Gardens. This quickly propelled him into an industry desperately in need of new products and education. 

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